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My Therapeutic Approach...

I am trained as an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor – this mean my approach takes ideas from different therapeutic and developmental models – humanistic, psychodynamic, attachment theory, understanding of trauma and brain development – and I can tailor therapy or counselling to the needs of the individual. However, experience has taught me that therapeutic models are secondary to the importance of a relational approach.

It is the relationship between myself and a child or young person that is central to therapy being helpful and I offer a warm and relaxed environment where children and young people can explore whatever they need to. If a young person’s thoughts and feelings are accepted as neither right nor wrong but simply a reflection of their current state-of-mind, this will help them to communicate more freely and, in turn, increase their own reflective capacity.

Children and young people can sometimes struggle to communicate through words alone. Depending on the age, needs and wishes of the child or young person, it is here that I introduce the use of creative activities, and play to help with therapeutic exploration.

If you are considering therapy for a child or young person you know, please read more about my psychotherapeutic counselling services here.

Do not hesitate to contact me using the form below if you have and questions.

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