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Parent and Carer Consultations... 

Although a period of counselling or psychotherapy can be helpful for some children, it is not always appropriate or the child/young person may not want it. Either way, it is almost always a children’s parents or primary carers who are the most important relationships in their lives and will need to support children and young people with struggles that have as they grow up.

But parenting can be very difficult, perhaps especially with the challenges young people face in the modern world, and seeing their children struggle – with social, emotional or mental health issues can understandably make parents and carers feel anxious and worried. Often, they can feel like they have ‘tried everything’ and nothing seems to be helping.

It can be very helpful for parents and carers to talk-through and think about their child’s difficulties in a reflective and non-judgmental space with someone who is not directly or emotionally involved, and consider what might be happening for the young person or within the parent/child relationship. This also is an opportunity to consider new ideas and approaches.

Alongside my training and experience as a child & adolescent psychotherapeutic counsellor, I have over 20 years’ professional experience supporting children, often in caring roles, with a range of challenges. I offer either 50 minute consultations for parents and carers, these can be ad hoc or regular, at my consulting room in Hayward’s Heath or via Teams.

The fee for a parent or carer consultation is £60.

If you would like to book a consultation, or have any questions at all about my services, please contact me using the form below.

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